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Elevating CPR Training with Kenko Solutions' Innovative Portable Device


In a realm where traditional CPR manikins have long-dominated with their bulky forms and steep prices, the necessity for an innovative, accessible, and user-friendly alternative has never been more paramount. Recognizing this gap and the crucial role of effective CPR training, Soluciones Kenko pioneered the development of an inventive CPR training product, seamlessly blending affordability with practicality.

The Prevailing Challenge

The CPR training landscape has predominantly been littered with large, costly manikins, presenting logistical nightmares for instructors mobilizing multiple units for sessions. This stagnation in product innovation also extended to the range available, with solely male manikins being offered, inadvertently diminishing the frequency of CPR procedures practiced on women and perpetuating a societal stigma.

Embarking on a Solution: Version 1

Our initial stride into transforming the CPR training arena culminated in the development of a Version 1 CPR training product. Compact in design and modestly priced in comparison to most market competitors, it swiftly claimed a Top Selling product position on MercadoLibre, catering to a widespread need for more accessible CPR training tools. However, it did not encompass user feedback visualization - a crucial element for effective training.

Inclusivity and Innovation: The RCPractica

Taking our insights and the notable success of our first version, Soluciones Kenko meticulously crafted the RCPractica - a product suite comprising 3 variants to facilitate scalable pricing and modular functionality. Explore More. Users can upscale their product by integrating accessories, even post-purchase, ensuring financial accessibility doesn't hinder the acquisition of life-saving skills. The advanced variant of the RCPractica, despite being more financially attainable and portable than most CPR manikins, doesn’t compromise on educational efficacy. It features a feedback box with 3 LEDs, providing users with vital visual feedback on their procedure’s rhythm and depth.

Results and Impact

Through the RCPractica, we not only democratized access to crucial CPR training tools but also enhanced the learning experience through immediate visual feedback, ensuring the skills acquired are both accurate and reliable. Moreover, our product suite subtly challenges societal norms, encouraging the normalization of practicing CPR procedures on varied genders, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable training environment.


Soluciones Kenko is steadfast in its commitment to developing innovative solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also socially and economically conscious. The RCPractica epitomizes our mission, charting a course where life-saving skills are unhindered by financial, logistical, or social barriers. Let’s continue to innovate, educate, and save lives, together.

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