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Importance of processes and teams

The fulfillment of activities and the achievement of the goals established for the departments are the key points on which all personnel, from the highest to the lowest link, must focus.

For the operations department, it is very important to ensure that the processes that we have are fulfilled in the right way because in most cases these are critical for the growth and development of the company, and this makes our relationship with the quality department very close. In order to achieve a satisfactory result in the execution of our activities, we focus on personnel knowing the processes, equipment, and tools are in optimal conditions.

With the above established, we will handle a series of points that we consider of greater relevance within the organization of processes and equipment in Kenko Solutions.

  • It is very important to define the processes and adapt them to the strategies and functions that are performed within the organization, trying not to make processes with unnecessary steps and looking for them to be complete enough so that there is only one path to follow.

  • These processes must fit correctly in the organization and with the personnel, since they are the ones who will actually put them into practice, so it is of utmost importance that everyone knows and understands them so as not to present any distortion in the execution of the activities.

  • We are looking for concise and agile processes that have no ambiguity in their instruction in order to avoid confusion and maintain the homogeneity required within the organization.

Having said the above, we must not forget the importance of teams, taking this into two aspects, one would be the work team or personnel and the other would refer to the tools used in the execution of the processes. In both cases it is very important that they are in the best possible conditions, otherwise, it will result in a series of problems for the organization.

  • On the part of the personnel, in order to ensure that they are in the best possible condition, it is essential that all the required training is covered and that they are comfortable when performing their tasks. We use visual aids in the work area so that the steps to follow are kept in mind and the collaborators feel confident that they can reaffirm their knowledge in the event of any doubt.

  • The personnel plays a very important role, not only in the execution of the processes but also in the improvement and maintenance of these since the collaborators are the ones who get involved in the processes and they are the ones who will help us to detect deficiencies in them, as well as their obsolescence.

  • This integration of the personnel in the continuous improvement is the one that keeps the different processes as optimal as possible, as well as the comfort of the collaborators to execute them.

  • Moving on to equipment and tools, it is necessary to have a well-defined preventive maintenance and calibration plan and a team well prepared to provide a quick response to problems that may arise during the working day.

  • The execution of maintenance plans is something very important that helps us reduce problems, but something that is equally important is the prompt resolution of problems that arise unexpectedly, this should be done as quickly as possible to maintain a minimum of delays in the processes that teams require.

In Kenko Solutions, within the operations department, it is of great importance to have a good relationship between the processes and teams since this triggers important growth and development of the organization, as well as for the team members since it generates a work behavior that favors their performance when they are integrated to a new team.

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