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TOP 5 of the biggest obstacles to turn your idea into a product

We all have a lot of ideas throughout our lives, surely one day you had a problem that you had a hard time solving and you assured that if there was "x" thing that would do "y" in a "z" way everything would be much easier to solve and whoever did it would earn a fortune. Maybe you even looked it up and didn't find anything like it. Many times those ideas remain just that, ideas; in this blog, we will talk about the 5 biggest obstacles to turning your idea into a product and how to solve them.

  1. Getting started

This is the biggest problem of all, as long as you don't do something about it, your idea will fade away and will only live in your memory, or maybe not even that. Once you start the momentum will give you the inertia to move forward, you may get stuck in the process, but without this step, you will never achieve anything.

Start with something simple, make a sketch, remember to sign it with the date of the day you made it, and add a description so you remember well what you had in mind. Show it to your friends, family, and acquaintances, they can give you feedback and motivate you to keep going, because they will ask you how you are doing with your project.

2. Not knowing in what order to act

Many times the fear of not knowing what happens makes us stop or not want to move forward, do not worry about that, the most important thing is that you start working, you will learn along the way.

Go step by step, do your research, and look for experts. Remember, the most important thing is to act.

3. Fall in love with the solution.

When we get married to a solution idea, instead of to its problem, we compromise the solution of the first one. There are cases in which governments send tablets to children in marginalized areas so they can study, but they forget that there is no electricity in those areas.

Research and engage with the problem, so you can find the best solution, otherwise, you will be trying to fit a puzzle piece in a place that does not fit.

4. Money

Money is always one of the main obstacles that stop us before starting a new project, but everything is possible if you work for it. You don't have to start with millions, start with a simple prototype, when the idea is good there are always people willing to help. Look for funds, prizes, leverage what you can while you develop the first functional prototypes, then you can look for crowdfunding platforms or people willing to invest.

5. Lack of validation.

This is usually one of the most common mistakes made. When we do not perform enough validation with customers and end-users, the risks of the product increase significantly, and it is more difficult to get funding or to sell the product. Part of the most important thing in a project is to validate quickly and frequently, at each step and prototype make sure you have enough validation before building the next one.

Product development is complex and challenging, but remember that extraordinary people are those who do something extra to the ordinary. Tell us, what have been the main obstacles you have encountered?

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