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Women in science

We enjoy incredible technological advances, which could not have been achieved without the contribution of great women in science. Examples include the leukemia drug, the electronic book, urine test strips, and wireless transmission technology (WIFI).

Worldwide only about 29.3% of women choose disciplines related to science, mathematics, or technology according to UNESCO and only one in five countries has reached gender parity in science, which contemplates a range of 45 to 55% of its researchers are women.

In Mexico, we have not yet reached gender parity, we barely reach the average of 33%. That's why we leave you with the Principles for the empowerment of women, established by the UN, which can boost women and girls in science.

1. Promote gender equality from top management to the highest level.

2. Treat all men and women equally at work, respect and uphold human rights and non-discrimination.

3. Ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all employees.

4. Promote the education, training, and professional development of women.

5. To carry out business development, supply chain, and marketing practices in favor of women's empowerment.

6. Promote equality through community initiatives and lobbying.

For centuries, social and cultural constraints have kept women out of these scientific fields, but today we are becoming more involved. Maybe not at the pace, we would like, but the important thing is to keep moving forward and not to stop.

Today we want to thank all those women whose work (recognized or not) has improved the lives of all of us. And we want to invite all development companies not to forget their part in this issue and really ask themselves: What are we doing today so that these numbers increase? And do it.

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