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Innovate, Develop, Launch:

Your Tech Journey Simplified.

Kenko Solutions works closely with startups and global companies to help bring their physical product ideas to life. 

1:1 with us

Navigate through our journey, exploring milestones, breakthroughs, and tales of relentless innovation and success


Dive into a world where ideas meet impeccable execution. Explore our portfolio, where each product narrates a unique tale of innovative concepts meeting exceptional development, ultimately crafting solutions that resonate globally

Our Work

Your Catalyst in Turning Technological Dreams into Tangible, Successful Realities

Embark on a journey where your innovative ideas are nurtured, refined, and brought to life. Kenko Solutions is not merely a product development firm; we are your strategic partners in weaving through the intricate path from ideation to realization, ensuring that every step is marked by informed decisions and expert executions.

Why Us? 

Harvesting technological and sustainable advancements for the agro-industrial sector, we innovate solutions that enhance agricultural practices, ensuring they are not only efficient and effective but also future-proof and environmentally friendly.


Crafting compliant, reliable, and pioneering medical devices Class I & II, we navigate the intersection of healthcare and technology, ensuring each innovation adheres to global standards while delivering groundbreaking medical functionalities.

Medical Devices

Transforming ideas into captivating consumer technologies, we curate tailored gadgets that merge innovative design with user-oriented functionality, ensuring your products are not only advanced but also widely loved.


Illuminating commercial ventures with standout technological products, we enhance your brand and operational prowess, co-creating a vibrant marketplace where your commercial solutions resonate and triumphantly prevail.


Powering industries with robust, innovative technological solutions, we meticulously design to enhance productivity and streamline operations, ensuring each industrial entity is equipped for a future of tech-driven success.





Transforming ideas into tangible prototypes, we meticulously craft preliminary models that visualize and validate your innovative concepts, ensuring viability and appeal in real-world scenarios

Design for Manufacture

Strategically engineering your products for seamless manufacturing, we ensure designs are not only innovative but also optimized for efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality production.


Explore our diverse portfolio, showcasing a spectrum of innovations across industries, reflecting our technological prowess and commitment to turning visionary ideas into market-ready products.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

Kenko transformed our electronic product, merging conceptual design with user-friendly, standout market presence!

Leticia Moreno, Senior Design Engineer
Urban Consumer Electronics

Revolutionized our agro-tech with sustainable, efficient designs, enhancing productivity and eco-friendliness!

Alex O. Head of Produt Development

GreenGrow AgroTech

Kenko elevated our medical device, melding innovation with strict compliance. A transformative partner!

Maria G. CIO
TechnoMed Devices

More than 50 clients

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