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Our Story

Kenko Solutions, emerging from the vibrant technological landscape of Guadalajara, Mexico's Sillicon Valley, sculpted a unique niche in medical device innovation, entwining compliance with pioneering designs. Now, we expand our horizons to the US, bringing a heritage of precision, creativity, and authentic partnerships to navigate the complex tapestry of product development across industries.


At Kenko, we believe every idea holds the potential to reshape futures and every collaboration weaves a tapestry of mutual growth and technological advancement.  Your visions, melded with our expertise, become the innovations that shape tomorrow.

Our Team

Yoku Sashida


Yoku, our dynamic CEO, merges the world of business with biomedical engineering. With an MBA in his toolkit and a natural flair for hardware & mechanical design, he sets the strategic vision for Soluciones Kenko.

Daniel Aragón


Daniel, our Chief Innovation Officer, is the catalyst for change and growth. Armed with a master's in innovation & intellectual property, he consistently pioneers novel approaches and champions ingenuity at Soluciones Kenko.

Snaider Bautista


Sanaider, the VP of Engineering, is the tech genius of the trio. Specializing in firmware development and communication protocols, he's the driving force behind our groundbreaking tech solutions.

Our Approach