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Hire Us

Step-by-Step Process to Engage with Us:

1. Initial Meeting: Begin with a no-obligation chat. Discuss your project's needs, complexity, and scope, allowing us to understand the best way forward.

2. Customized Action Plan: We'll draft a detailed action plan tailored to your project, outlining the maximum number of hours required for each phase.

3. Kenko Hours – Transparent & Trustworthy: You can purchase 'Kenko Hours' based on our proposed action plan. The cost varies depending on the project's complexity. Every hour you buy is meticulously tracked through our sophisticated, auditable system.

4. Unused Hours – Your Future Investment: Should your project require fewer hours than anticipated, worry not. Remaining 'Kenko Hours' can be used for any future development services.

5. Prototype Expenses: Please note that expenses related to the prototype are billed separately from the Kenko Hours.

890 Marina Vallarta Street,

Guadalajara, JA 45140

+52 477-724-71-86

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